Environmental Statement

DFA recognizes the need for electronic system contractors and their clients to minimize the impact that electronics have on the environment. To that effect, we have implemented numerous strategies to reduce, reuse and recycle.

DFA has been reducing our clients’ energy usage for over a decade. Our professional audio systems are designed with switching power circuits to the components so there is absolutely no idle power draw when the system is not in use. DFA offers architectural dimming systems and natural light shading to our residential clients. By dimming a standard incandescent light, more energy savings can be achieved than by changing to compact fluorescent bulbs. By scheduling window-shading treatments to open and close based on the time of day and year, more sunlight can be let in during the winter to help passively heat the home and less sunlight can be let in during the summer to reduce the load on the air conditioning system.

To reduce our own environmental impact, DFA has adopted many green policies such as printing with recycled paper and ink cartridges, outfitting our technicians with clothing made of organic cotton, and recycling our paper waste. We help our clients by recycling the cardboard boxes from their new electronic components.

To facilitate reuse and recycling, DFA has partnered with @home audio video to lead the effort by implementing an innovative program for our clients’ old electronics. We reuse these old electronics by donating them to Habitat for Humanity, Boys and Girls Clubs, and Goodwill. When a component is no longer functional, we deliver it to the Oak Ridge National Recycling Center in Clinton, Tennessee. In short, DFA and our clients do not contribute any potentially hazardous items to any landfill and this is done without any additional expense to our clients.

DFA feels that these practices reflect our commitment to the environment and responsible consumerism and set an example for other retailers to follow.