Not long after cable television became available in Knoxville, one of DFA’s commercial clients wanted speakers throughout his new home, like DFA had installed at his office building. Just like that, the new application had been born: multi-room audio. Homeowners soon realized the cable companies were not the right choice when it came to installing wiring in new homes. The cable companies preferred to wait until construction was complete before conspicuously tacking their wires to exposed, outside walls.

“Anyone building a custom home would be foolish not to put in a home control system from DFA. Quality of life is turning all the lights off, adjusting the temperatures and arming the alarm system from my bed side table.”


These cable systems grew to include wiring for phones and computers and are now known as structured wiring. With an advanced wiring network within the home, DFA gained the ability to add surveillance cameras, allowing homeowners to monitor the front door or keep an eye on the kids in the pool, all conveniently accessed on any TV in the home or via the internet. As a natural progression to surveillance, DFA also began offering the installation and implementation of home security systems. By eliminating the need for extraneous subcontractors, DFA has made the process of home control simple.

“My family has worked with DFA on two projects now and working with their design team and technicians has been very easy. For our recent living room expansion DFA worked with our interior designer to provide an LCD TV and in-ceiling speakers that blend into our décor without compromising video or audio quality. On top of that, everything they have installed is so easy to use that our whole family, and even guests, can operate the systems without any problems”

Randy Gibson

Another home technology that most are familiar with is home theater. DFA specializes in integrating excellent audio and video performance into living rooms and dedicated rooms without compromising a home’s decor.