Security + Surveillance

DFA offers and innovative approach to home security and surveillance. As well as removing the headache of juggling several subcontractors, DFA also adds the functionality and convenience of integrating security and surveillance with home control.

Depending on homeowner preference, DFA can coordinate a home's security system with its lighting control. If an intruder alarm is activated, all lights in the home can be programmed to turn on. In addition to being a theft deterrent, an element of safety is added. In the event of a fire alarm, all lights in the home can be programmed to turn on at a 20% level — making it easier to see in smoke, much like low beam car headlights in fog.

Surveillance systems within a home can serve many purposes. From monitoring who's at the front door to looking in on the kids while they play in the pool, DFA can design a surveillance system suited to specific needs. Surveillance systems can even be equipped with motion sensors that activate a digital video recorder when triggered. In one client's case, this became helpful in the apprehension of a vandal.