A home theater is more than just a big TV and surround speakers. If you have a sink, stove and refrigerator, you don’t have a kitchen. Likewise, an Audio/Video system must be much more than the sum of its components. A great home theater is about escape. Movies are intended to cause the audience to become totally immersed, to become lost in the story or action. The home theater is the vehicle that will get you to that point. A great home theater will inspire you to lose yourself entirely in the magic of a great piece of music or an award-winning motion picture.

“My family has worked with DFA on two projects now and working with their design team and technicians has been very easy. For our recent living room expansion DFA worked with our interior designer to provide an LCD TV and in-ceiling speakers that blend into our décor without compromising video or audio quality. On top of that, everything they have installed is so easy to use that our whole family, and even guests, can operate the systems without any problems”. – Randy Gibson

A properly designed home theater will deliver all the potential of a great movie or exceptional piece of music — quality you’re missing if you’re just watching TV. You’ll be able to experience movies at home the way the filmmaker intended, with film-quality images and cinema-quality sound. Whether you dedicate a room or want to blend your home theater into a family room or den, you can create a home entertainment center that everyone in the family will enjoy.